O Football, Football, Wherefore Art Thou Football…

Being a big fan of the NFL, the end of football season is a depressing time of year. Not sure how I’m going to fill my Sundays between now and September.

Spent some time playing around with the Macro options on my camera, as you can see.


A first try at macro

Picked up a few cheap macro filters (think small magnifying glasses you can screw onto your lens), so wanted to try out some of the options for getting in extremely close to a subject. Am fairly impressed with the overall power of the filters, and that they didn’t do much degradation to image quality.

It is amazing how narrow the depth of field is with these up close. On this next one, it took a while to focus right in on specific grains of salt. When I add the largest filters, my auto-focus basically gives up, so all the focusing done here is manual. It’d be a real challenge if you were trying to focus perfectly on a very small subject. Will need to play with this more soon.