Loony Tunes

Spent some time at a beautiful lake house in Maine, recently. Paddled out in a kayak and tried to make friends with this loon. He wasn’t very impressed.


The Butterfly Effect

Had a chance to go to a butterfly exhibit with my camera recently. There were literally thousands of them in this enclosure – it was really amazing. They would land on your shirt or your hat (you had to go through a special screening to check that no butterflies weren’t “hitchhiking” out of the enclosure on you)..

It was good fun trying to capture them up close, and try get them in focus. Here are a few results (click to make the pictures larger):


There are a whole category of photographers who are very interested in birding, and photographing birds in the wild. From the little I’ve read, there is a strong focus on capturing the bird as sharply as possible, isolating the bird as much as possible from the background through the use of a narrow depth of field, and attempting to achieve a soft, pleasant bokeh.

Wild wandering around DC, I made my first attempt, though I think I missed one of the most important steps: Find an interesting subject. Instead I believe I found a female individual from the species brownis genericus, found in its native habitat – the hood of a Toyota Camry.