Don’t Take Pictures of Lobby Walls!

A hotel I was staying at recently had some really neat walls in the lobby. I was in the midst of trying to capture all the curves and textures of the walls, when I was quickly interrupted by a security guard informing me that this was strictly verboten.

I tried to inquire a bit about the logic behind this, and I guess in our post-9/11 world, someone taking photos of the architectural elements of a building is likely a terrorist. Oops!

Managed to get off this one shot before I was sent packing.


Honest Abe

Ok – I’m sure by now you might be thinking: “Shouldn’t this blog be called Eyes on DC?”

Well, I only recently got my camera, and my recent trip to DC was one of the first opportunities I’ve had to really us it. I’m sure once I get back to San Diego and have some time on my hands, I’ll have an opportunity to take some more photos of my beloved city.

Until then, I hope you enjoy the shots of the Nation’s capital.

Vietnam Memorial

The Vietnam Veterans Memorial, in the shadow of the Washington Monument.

If you haven’t been to the Vietnam Memorial, you really should. For such a simple memorial (it is two large slabs of reflective black rock, engraved with the names of the 58,000+ servicemen who died during the Vietnam war), it is amazingly powerful.