Self Portrait on Swings

Found a small playground in downtown SD near the convention center. Set up my tripod to attempt to put together a multiple exposure shot.

I didn’t get as long to work with this as I’d like, as a family showed up and wanted to use the swings (and was wondering what this guy was doing, with a camera, tripod, and standing on the swing set).

A "swinging" good time.

A brief description of how I put this together, after the jump.

While I had ten photos to choose from, I picked four to play with in post-processing. I use Photoshop Elements 9 for edits of this type, and I’m definitely still learning how to use it properly. However, I understand that one of the big benefits of version 9 over previous versions of Elements is the ability to use Layer Masks, which have long been available in the full version of Photoshop, but are new to Elements.

Layer Masks were extremely helpful in putting the above together. The concept in short is to add your various photos as different layers, and then “masking” or blocking out which aspects of each photo are visible between layers. You can then go about painting out what areas of the photo you want opaque, or transparent, etc.

That said, I’ll definitely need to play with these features a lot more before I’m feeling confident with them.

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